Schools are back in session across our area and we're already celebrating teachers who are going above and beyond the call of duty.

And September's Teacher of the Month fits right in. We're honoring Todd Shadbourne, Foulks Ranch Elementary School's sixth grade teacher.

"Some other teachers, they just teach us stuff," Brooklyn, one of Shadbourne's students, said. "He makes it fun and makes it to where we want to come to school."

"He cares more that we learn something and he likes that we can ask questions and he likes when we asks questions so that he can teach us things that we don't already know," Jamie, another student of Shadbourne's, said.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of why Shadbourne is taking home the top teacher prize.

"If you're having trouble, instead of just having a teacher sitting up there correcting papers and stuff, you have a teacher that will talk to you and help you and tell you, 'okay, this is how you do the problem' instead of just go back to your seat and do it again," Alex, another student of Shadbourne's, said.

His students say that they like, yeah, they actually like, coming to school.

"It's very important to me that kids are motivated to come to school, to participate in school," Shadbourne said. "School's hard. That's not a secret, but if you can't enjoy elementary school, it's only going to get harder."

That's why he takes his talents outdoors with a bike rodeo and leads the school's running club. Later this year, nearly 200 students will run a marathon together with Shadbourne's help.

"If you can feel good about yourself in school, if you feel good because you can run a mile or so and you can have 100 or so of your friends out there, that's only good," Shadbourne said.

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