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7-year-old finds new homes for over 1,500 dogs - 12 Under 12

He started saving dogs when he was only 4 years old. 12 Under 12 is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente.

STANWOOD, Wash. — From a young age, Roman McConn learned dogs in the shelter don't always make it out alive.

"And when he figured that out he was like, that's bad, that's not acceptable and he's determined to not have that happen," said Jennifer McConn, Roman's mother.

To help them find homes, Roman started making videos for dogs that needed adoption.

"I started doing those videos for helping the dogs. They don't need a life in a kennel that's just cruel. That's like cruel punishment for the dogs," said Roman.

Those videos would not only go viral they become the cornerstone of a rescue program he helped start in Washington State called, Project Freedom Ride.

"Project Freedom Ride relocates unwanted animals and relocates them to the Pacific Northwest where they have a better chance at finding a home," says Roman.

"We moved 31 dogs that first transport. We had no idea if we would do it again. But we've done it every month except one since then," said Jennifer.

So far Project Freedom Ride has found homes for over 1,500 dogs.

Roman says, "It makes me feel really happy when I rescue dogs cause it feels like I just saved a life"

Though Roman only has the dogs well being in mind, his infectious enthusiasm has made him a bit of a celebrity.

In 2018, he was named ASPCA Kid of the Year. And last year he shared his story as a guest on Ellen.

Last year at the NOAH Center outside Stanwood, the first-ever reunion between families and the dogs' Project Freedom Ride has saved was held.

"I did not think this would happen. And it's really because of Roman. People have gravitated to him and his love and his passion and his desire to make a difference," said Jennifer.

He may be only 7, but Roman McConn has no plans on resting until every dog finds a place to call home.

"I'm going to keep on doing this until I'm a million years old!"

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