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Cat rescued and reunited with owner 7 months after Camp Fire

Julie Walker was reunited with her cat, Jellybean, thanks to Friends of the Camp Fire Cats.

PARADISE, Calif. — After seven long months of searching for a cat lost in California's deadliest wildfire, a Paradise nonprofit has reunited the feline with its owner.

Friends of the Camp Fire Cats recently found Julie Walker's cat, Jellybean. He went missing November 8, the day the Camp Fire started. 

The organization traps and houses cats with the goal of reuniting them with their owners. Debbie Johnson is Walker's friend and a volunteer with the nonprofit. In an email to ABC10, Johnson said she was determined to catch the cat and get it back to her friend.

"God knows I have truly walked through hell for this cat but if we get him and he's reunited with Julie, it had been worth every second," Johnson said.

A video posted to the organization's Facebook page Monday captures the reunion between Walker and Jellybean.

"Hi, baby. It's me," Walker said in the video as she pets Jellybean for the first time in months. 

Friends of the Camp Fire Cats is accepting donations "to finish the purchase of long term housing and the continual supplies needed to house, care and maintain the cats in our care."  https://www.friendsofcampfirecats.com/ 

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