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Hey, '90s kids, you can buy Lisa Frank clothes online now

The Tucson-based company is now selling hoodies, T-shirts and mugs on its website.
Tie-dyed gear from Lisa Frank was a staple for 90s students. In July, Lisa Frank is releasing coloring books.

TUCSON, Ariz. — If you’re still looking for holiday gifts, there’s a new website where you can shop for the ‘90s kid in your life: Lisa Frank’s website is now up and running.

The Tucson-based company is responsible for all the rainbowy, adorable cartoons adorning the cool kids’ school supplies in the ‘90s and early 2000s. 

There are hoodies, T-shirts and mugs for anyone who wants a throw-back to their childhood. The colorful characters are printed on plain backgrounds – so the apparel is not quite as vibrant as the binders we remember.

But you can also get kids tees and baby onesies and raise the next generation of Lisa Frank lovers.

There are also holiday options for people who get bored with all the red and green sweaters this time of year. 

You can't get any office supplies or stickers on the website. But who knows? Maybe that will change in the future. 

The coloring book is not available on the website either, so you’ll still have to go to a Dollar General to get one of those.

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