Not for the faint of heart, there's a Colorado adventure that will let you see the Rocky Mountains like never before. 

Would you try it? 

It's called "cliff camping." Along with a guide, you can spend an afternoon or an overnight on a portaledge, suspended anywhere from 40 to 75 feet off the ground on a sloping cliff. 

cliff camping_1492788470970-17705685.jpg
<p>Cliff Camping or "Cliffnicking" (a cliffside picnic) is a real thing you can do with Kent Mountain Adventure Center in Estes Park.</p>

If you don't want to camp out on the side of a cliff, you can just go for a 'cliffnic,' or an afternoon picnic lunch, suspended from the ground. 

A portaledge is a deployable hanging tent system experienced rock climbers use to camp out during multiple day adventures.

Check out this video showing the cliff side experience!

The Kent Mountain Adventure Center offers a variety of options, and all the gear is provided. You don't have to be an experienced climber, either. 

If you are, you can arrange a climbing adventure to your portaledge, but you can also simply rappel down onto the ledge after a short lesson in the basics.

Cliff Camping is available seasonally, between May and September.

For more information, visit the KMAC website