Did you know that kids start learning math skills from the moment they’re born? Numeracy begins through the simple act of playing and engaging in everyday activities. You can give your child a head start in math skills – which will set them up for success in kindergarten and beyond – by integrating easy activities throughout the day, including:

o Counting those fingers and toes – and everything around you! Books, toys, bottles, blankets…

o Point out numbers on a calendar and clock

o Talk about things that are “big,” “medium” and “small” (that’s a big truck! That’s a small shoe).

o Explain and count money at the checkout line (one, two, three dollars).

o Slice fruits and count the amount of slices or bites.

o Read stories with numbers; point out the numbers at the bottom of each page.

o Explain what time it is when it’s bed time and show your child the clock.

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Talk. Read. Sing. It changes everything ®