First 5 California's "Talk. Read. Sing.” campaign teaches parents and children about the the importance of reading. Here are some fun and easy tips on how you can incorporate more reading into your daily routines:

- Be a reading role model! Let your child see you reading often for pleasure – demonstrate that it’s a healthy and habit. At this age, little ones emulate everything you do. This is a great habit for them to follow!

- Toddlers often can’t sit still for story time. Don’t be discouraged! Even the sound of your reading voice is beneficial to your children. Keep at it – don’t give up on reading aloud even if it seems like your kids aren’t paying attention. And be sure to start reading right from birth – it is never too early.

- Plan a family book night where everyone chooses their favorite books to read together.

- Ask your older children to read to the younger ones. The older kids will be proud to show off their skills – and the younger ones will want to read just like their older siblings.

- Teach kids the different parts of a book – the spine, the front and back cover, the page numbers, author, illustrator, etc. This helps them understand books & helps in learning how to read.

- Make reading accessible to your kids by filling baskets or the bottom of a bookshelf with kid-friendly books that are easy for them to reach anytime.

- Tuck a book into your purse or diaper bag so you’re always ready with a book to read when you’re stuck waiting in line or at the doctor’s office.

Talk. Read. Sing. It Changes Everything ®

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