Baby gadgets and toys can’t come close to the power of a parent’s voice. What happens when a parent or caregiver sings to a baby? The answer is magic! We’ve rounded up five reasons why you should sing with your baby every day.

  • (1) Singing = brainpower. Did you know that music helps to create pathways in the brain that aide in all areas of development: social and emotional, motor, language, and literacy? Music also helps spark intellectual development!

  • (2) Singing = bonding. Nothing is more soothing to a baby than hearing your voice, and singing helps create a more peaceful environment. It’s no surprise that studies show that babies prefer songs sung by their parents rather than songs on the radio or TV.

  • (3) Singing = exercise. Incorporate simple movements as you sing, including clapping, stomping, dancing, and hopping together. Use props like scarves to swirl around as you sing or offer your little one a few pots and pans to bang in the kitchen. Make singing fun as you go through your day together; instead of walking to the car, dance to the car, following the beat of your song!

  • (4) Singing = language and early math development. Songs can increase a child’s communication skills and boost their ability to make connections of words. Accompany your everyday routines with songs and encourage creativity by making up new ones using familiar tunes, like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Snack!” and “Happy Naptime to You!” Singing also introduces early math skills through patterns and rhythm, which babies love – even though they may not understand the words.

  • (5) Singing = spark traditions. Sing songs from your childhood or in your home language to help pass on cultural traditions – or introduce songs to help create all-new family traditions that your child will remember forever.

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