Graduation is a time of mixed emotions, both exciting and scary.

Students from California Middle School discussed how they feel about this next chapter as they prepare to head to high school.

Choosing a high school can be overwhelming, especially when considering the friend factor. Will they be going to the same school? Will they meet new people? Will the campus still have the same tight community feel?

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Going to a school where they don’t know a lot of people can be hard; spending the day in a sea of strangers. Then again, they realize it’s an opportunity to meet new friends, just like when they came to middle school.

For these students, their family helped guide their decision about a high school. Some toured the campus with parents, others realized from their sibling’s experience if it would be a good fit. And some even felt a certain connection because a parent had gone there.

They also considered the size of the campus and specialty programs offered. They were looking for something that would give them a unique feel. That may be small group discussions within the class or an art program. Just having the opportunity to take part in those types of classes, gave them something to look forward to and a sense of connection.

Missing the routine of middle school is expected. They will also miss being able to get homework done in class, seeing familiar faces as they go through their day and saying “hi” to people as they walk through the halls.

The class of 2023 is about to enter the halls of high school.

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