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Are you 'Sober Curious?' Movement examines relationships with alcohol

Author Ruby Warrington said we live in a culture where drinking is the absolute norm unless there's a "reason" to being sober. She says, why not reexamine that?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A new lifestyle trend is gaining attention for encouraging people to drink fewer alcoholic beverages or give up drinking altogether. 

It's called "sober curious" and it may be worth trying if you've ever wondered what life would be like without alcohol, said Ruby Warrington, author of the book "Sober Curious: The blissful sleep, greater focus, limitless presence, and deep connection awaiting us all on the other side of alcohol."

"Being 'sober curious' means to question every time there is an impulse, invitation or occasion to drink," she said. "You get to ask yourself, 'How is this going to make me feel? Am I drinking because I want to, or do I feel pressured? Am I going to drink for the rest of my life?'"

Warrington said we live in a culture where drinking is the absolute norm unless there's a religious or health reason for being sober.

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She said "sober curious" is for anyone who's ever questioned drinking, anyone who's wondered what it would be like to never have another hangover.

But Warrington said "sober curious" is not for people with alcohol addiction.

"For people whose drinking has lead them to treatment, whether or not to drink isn’t a choice. It’s black and white — you need to stop," she said. "'Sober curious' is more for people who are questioning what the actual impact of drinking is on their life."

Warrington said being "sober curious" improved her sleep, which gave her more energy, confidence, and made her more productive.   

"I feel much more connected to myself and the real experience I’m having right now," she said. 

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