Hundreds of students were sent home from school this week after failing to show proof of vaccination.

Daniel Thigpen, a spokesperson for the Folsom-Cordova School District said 145 students from their more than 3,000 students were sent home when they showed up to school without the proper immunization records.

Elk Grove school district also started school this week. The district’s spokesperson Xanthi Pinkerton said 133 students from their 32 schools, 110 7th graders and 23 Kindergartners, were unable to enroll because of the lack of vaccination records.

As of July 1, parents can no longer use personal or religious belief exemptions to opt their kids out of vaccinations. Under the new law, students entering Kindergarten and 7th grade are now required to show proof of vaccinations.

“We’re working under a different game plan now,” Thigpen said.

According to Thigpen, by the end of the first week of school, 47 students were able to clear up their records. Still, 98 students remain unable to attend class.

“While the number might not seem necessarily large compared to the fact that we have over 3000 kindergartners and 7th graders throughout the district in 24 schools still that’s almost 100 kids that aren’t in class right now,” Thigpen explained.

Thigpen said each family situation for why they didn’t provide a proof of vaccination is different.

“It may be a family situation where the family intends to get the required immunization, but they are having trouble getting an appointment with their doctor so they have to wait for their child to go to school until they can get that doctors appointment,” Thigpen explained. “There may be an issue with access or affordability.”
He also mentioned some students on the list may have moved out of the district.

Natomas school district is another area district that began school this week. According to their spokesperson 157 total students failed to enroll. Of those students, 52 were no-shows. However, no student was sent home because all cases were cleared before the end of the day. The district believes their on-site clinic at Natomas High School is a big reason for the quick resolution.