The wet winter is helping grass and plants grow this spring, but that rain is also helping something else grow, Rattlesnakes.

The dangerous reptiles are making an early appearance this year. Rattlesnake wrangler Lou Fraser was called out to Rocklin on Wednesday to remove a snake from a home near Breen Park.

"This is going to be a huge year for rattlesnakes with the amount of rain that we got,” said Fraser.

The army veteran started his company 'Rattlesnake Removal USA' nine years ago. Fraser works with his snake sniffing dog Peaches.

The neighborhood near Breen park may not seem like rattlesnake territory, but it didn’t take long for Lou and Peaches to stir up that familiar sound.

“This is a Norther Pacific rattlesnake. Normally they don’t come out till late April. This one is a yearling.” said Fraser.

This rattlesnake may be young, but Fraser says young snakes are often more dangerous than older snakes. They sometimes release all their venom at once though mature snakes only release a little at a time.

The reason for an early rattlesnake season is basic biology. Early rain causes grass to grow. Rodents are attracted to grass and rattle snakes are attracted to rodents.

Fraser said It’s not the snakes fault they are ending up in park and back yards.

“The key word is encroachment... humans have been encroaching on rattlesnake territory for years." he said.

Lou's work takes him all over the state. Yesterday he picked up a large five-foot diamond back rattlesnake in Southern California. You probably won’t find diamond backs in Rocklin, but Fraser says there is a sure-fire way to keep any snake away from your home.

"Set traps. Get rid of your mice and you'll get rid of snakes." he said.

Cutting your grass and keeping doors and garages closed will also help.

If you do have a run in with a rattlesnake, keep your distance. Call a professional like Rattlesnake Removal USA 916-259-4496