By the end of this year, you could start seeing cars with no one in them driving right next to you.

The DMV is fine-tuning new rules for testing and operating self-driving cars. The rules would let automakers and tech companies start testing 'ghost' cars on public streets. We spoke to an artificial intelligence expert who is convinced self-driving cars could put an end to parking headaches like circling the block countless times looking for a parking space.

"We really do spend all day everyday thinking about this stuff," said Aaron Franco who is the mastermind behind Val.Ai.

Val.Ai is system that would let you bid on parking spots occupied by self-driving cars. Once the bid is accepted the system would navigate you to the parking space. Franco thinks this will one day allow us all to make money while we sleep.

"Because if I have an autonomous car, and I'm parked out in front of my house I should be able to sell that and my car can move miles away," Franco said. "And then in the morning when I need my car it can just drive back to me."

The city of Sacramento is hoping to cash in on self-driving cars. A website is up and running. It asks companies to apply to the 'mayor's office for innovation and entrepreneurship'. The goal is to transform Sacramento into a hub for self-driving cars. How soon would be ready to roll?

"As soon as we can build it," said Franco with a smile.

Franco says they have already been approached by Verizon to work with them on the concept and bidding technology.

"The concept has definitely got people's attention," Franco said. "And it is something we are very passionate about. I am just so blown away and super excited."

The proposed rules from the DMV should be finalized by November. If the 'ghost car' testing is being done in your neighborhood we are told they will let you know. Stay tuned!