SACRAMENTO, Calif — Roses are red, violets are blue, nothing says I love you, like saving a dime or two. 

Let's start with flowers; last year, one of the most popular deals on Amazon Prime was 24 roses for $20. To put that deal into perspective, having 24 roses delivered on Valentine's Day could normally cost well over $100! So keep an eye on Amazon deals for flowers!

Who doesn't love a little bling, bling?! The strategy to get the best price on jewelry is a little different than it is for flowers. Last year, stores like Macy's and Kohls offered deals up to 70 percent jewlery off. The catch? You have to wait last minute to get the best price. 

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However, places like SuperJeweler and Kay have sales going on right now where you can save between 25 to 70 percent off! 

If you want to travel to somewhere romantic, travel sites like and Spirit Airlines offer some one-way flights for $50.

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