SACRAMENTO, Calif. — I know it’s said that you can’t buy real love, but we all know on Valentine’s Day, many certainly try!

The average American spends about $143 on Valentine’s Day, which is funny because another study says the average household spends $95 on their cats on Valentine’s Day. We love our cats almost as we love our human partners. 

So, for this Begley's Bargains, it's all about saving you money, while still scoring with your honey. Let's start off with Marriage Meatloaf! According to a woman from Ohio, this dish saved her marriage.

We all know meatloaf is easy to make, filling and not too expensive, so why not try it?! You can get the recipe here.

Of course, we don't want you to be in a sticky situation with your kids. DIY Slime is all the rage! It's fast, fun and cheap! You can get the recipe here

For the person dumb enough to break your heart, they aren't worth a homemade gift! For $15 though, you can name a cockroach after your ex and you watch it get fed to a bigger animal!

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Because we work hard for our money, today Brittany Begley is going to save you some cash.