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In my house, I'm always trying to save money.

So I want to share with you how I save money at the grocery store.

According to the California Budget and Policy Center, a two-working-parent family spends $773 a month on groceries. A single-parent single family spends roughly $577 a month on groceries.

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Let's trim your bill, starting with your cup of coffee.

Coffee stats show the average American drinks three cups a day. So, I went to my local grocery store to assess the cost difference between name brand coffee and where we can save money.

Saving money at the grocery store.
Let's take this a step further. If you make the switch from name brand k-cups to store brand ground coffee in a bag you'll save $1061.Laundry detergent According to Procter and Gamble, the average a family washes around 300 to 390 loads of laundry per year. We'll go with 350 loads a year for this example. According to our research, 75 ounces clean 50 loads of laundry.
Saving money at the grocery store.

If you use name brand detergent you'll spend $118 a year. If you make the switch to store brand detergent, you'll save $95 a year. That's an 80 percent savings.

Saving money at the grocery store.


As a mom, I'm always tempted to buy prepacked bags of chips for my son's lunch, but I always feel like I'm wasting money. So I wanted to cost out the difference in prepackaged chips and packaging them out myself.

Saving money at the grocery store.

If you pack a bag of chips five days a week over the course of the year, you'll spend $106 on chips. If you switch to a bag of chips and put them in individual plastic bags, you'll save about $7!

Saving money at the grocery store.

If you made all the switches for a year, you would save $1,198 for the year. That, my friends, is the average of two round-trip tickets to Hawaii from Sacramento and $300 in spending money!

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