SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Full disclosure, I was a waitress for a long time, so I appreciate a great tip. But, I've also blown my budget by over tipping. 

So, let's figure out what's best for you and also fair to the person you are tipping.


Over tipping could cost you a small fortune, while under tipping could cost you good serve if you go back to the same restaurant while you're on vacation. Let’s make sure we get this right.

You should tip your server between 15 and 20 percent. My trick? Tipping $1 for every $5 I spend.


We all love our fruity drinks while on vacation, but your buzz might get the best of you by over tipping. So, how much should you tip your bartender?

According to Consumer Reports, you should tip about $1 a drink, unless your Long Island tastes more like a Strong Island, then throw them $2 per drink.

Hotel Housekeepers

Dirty towels, holes in the sheets and crumbs on the floors are the last things you want to deal with while you're on vacation. So, how much should you tip the housekeepers for keeping your room clean? According to Consumer Reports, between $3 and $5 a day.

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