SACRAMENTO, Calif. — To buy or not to buy?

That's quite the important question this January, especially considering many people are probably searching for change in their couches after Christmas.

According to one study, 44 percent of folks rack up at least $1,000 in holiday debt (which is the equivalent of 235 pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks).

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However, if you’re looking to make a purchase, here's a look at what you can get on the cheap this month.

If you're looking to improve your sleep in the new year, now is the time buy bedding! Macy's has 25 to 70 percent off all bedding, from sheets to pillows, right now. And why do many stores like Macy’s slash prices on bedding in January? It's actually a tradition that dates back to 1878, when stores were looking for creative ways to get customers in the door.

Now is also the time to buy humidifiers, according to the folks at Consumer Reports. The timing is perfect, as everything feels dry in the winter. Stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond are not having a sale on humidifiers, but I’d recommend using the "Famous" 20 percent off coupon with free shipping on any item over $39.

If you're committing to losing weight in 2019, now is also the time to buy an elliptical. If you're looking for some pro tips on how to buy a used elliptical, visit my Facebook page.