SACRAMENTO, Calif. — To make a long, expensive story short, my pharmacy recently made a mistake on a monthly prescription with a new insurance company and charged me $200 for what used to be a $20 prescription bill. 

Several phone calls and headaches later, it got resolved, but it got me thinking… how often does this happen? Now, I'm on a mission to save you money when it comes to the drugstore and your medications.

If you're thinking my copay is going to be the same no matter where I buy it, well, that's not always the case.

Many people pick a pharmacy close to their home. This makes sense, but the real question should be, where is the closest Preferred Pharmacy? Before choosing a drugstore, ask your doctor, insurer, or your employer's human resource department for a list of preferred pharmacies.

Have you ever used a coupon for your prescription? Check out to compare prices for your prescriptions.

And before you throw out your prescription medicines, they might last a little longer than you think. ABC10's Walt Gray discovered prescriptions might last longer than prescription companies want you to know.

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