As a traffic expert, I love saving you money when it comes to the gas pump.

I knew we had to find ways to trim his bill! One way to save money is to think twice before you put the pedal to the medal! Going 62 miles per hour [mph] compared to 75 mph will reduce your gas bill by 15 percent. In fact, Patrick Deehan from GasBuddy was able to squeeze eight more miles out of a gallon of gas by slowing down on the roadways.

Windows could cost you at the pump too! According to GasBuddy, driving with the windows down will decrease fuel economy by 10 percent!

Should you turn your car off when you're stuck in traffic to save gas? According to GasBuddy, if you're stuck in traffic for more than a minute, restarting your car uses less fuel than sitting at a stop light.

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