SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As a mom, I'm always trying to save time and money especially when it comes to my son's lunches. 

My son loves Uncrustables, but I'm always wondering if I'm wasting my hard earned cash on convenience. So, I took my calculator to the grocery store to finally figure it out.

If you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch every day you'll spend $197.74 on sandwiches. If you switch to Uncrustables you'll actually save $9.19 a year. 

Let's talk about snacks because my son would live on them if I let him. I'm always debating, should I buy the individual packs of Goldfish or pack them myself?

If you buy individual packs of Goldfish you'll pay $119.80 a year — but if you buy a big bag of Goldfish and put them in a plastic bag you'll save $67 dollars a year!

If you have a secret to saving money let Brittany Begley know! 


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