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Begley's Bargains: Grocery shopping online

One family claims to have saved $750 a month by doing all their grocery shopping online.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — I recently saw an article on Business Insider how one family saved nearly $1,000 a month by shopping for groceries online. 

This week in Begley's Bargains, we'll take their three tips and see how it can work for you!

Skip impulse buys

The first tip is pretty simple, online shopping cuts down on impulse buying. Using the "Past Purchases" or "Buy It Again" options instead of being tempted by cruising down all the aisles at the grocery store helped the family featured in the article save a hundred bucks a month in impulse buys.

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Take advantage of free delivery

With most online grocery shopping orders, you can get shipping for free. But buyer beware, after that, you'll most likely need to spend at least $35 per order to get the free delivery service. The family was able to save on gas money by skipping the trip to the store and having someone else deliver their food.

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Time is money

The family used the time they would have spent shopping at the grocery store to pick up extra freelance work instead. If you would like to earn more money by freelancing, check out Flexjobs.com to find your options.