The kids are out of school, you've been asked to stay home, and money may be tight. A wise goal would be to slowly stock up your pantry responsibly without hoarding when it comes to your groceries.

#1 Dry Goods

Pasta, oatmeal, rice, beans, and popcorn are great choices to stock up on. Not only will they remain shelf-stable for long periods of time, but they are inexpensive and will stretch your dollar when it comes to feeding your family.

#2 Canned goods

The canned varieties of meat, veggies, fruit, and soup are all great choices as they are shelf-stable. Plus, a lot of folks are having a hard time finding meat at the grocery store, so canned meat is a great choice when you're in a jam.

#3 Medications

Prescriptions, cold and flu syrups, and pain relievers are always good options to have on hand. According to the CDC, a high fever is one of the main symptoms coronavirus will present. You'll want to make sure you have Tylenol, Aspirin or other fever reducers in your medicine cabinet.

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