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California's inflation relief checks hit bank accounts Friday

The Middle Class Tax Refund payments range from $200 to $1,050 depending on income and tax filing status.

CALIFORNIA, USA — Millions of Californians will start seeing money hit their bank accounts this week as the Middle Class Tax Refunds start going out.

Some families could see up to $1,050. However, this is not a gas rebate, like the governor originally wanted. It actually goes to certain taxpayers.

Newsom first proposed the idea of giving Californians back their money in March.

“The governor wanted to tie this to vehicle ownership, the majority of Democrats in the legislature wanted to tie this to income, and they're the ones who won that negotiation battle,” said Steve Swatt, political analyst.

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Swatt said the negotiations between the legislature and the governor delayed the timeline of the payments.

“They finally came to a reasonable conclusion, but it was too late to distribute this money in the summer. So now, the money is being distributed starting this week,” Swatt said.

Depending on income and tax filing status, some Californians could get anywhere from $200 to $1,050. To be eligible, you must have filed taxes in California in 2020, and you must still live in California now.

“There are about 3 million Californians who did not file income taxes because they don't make enough money, and to get this rebate, you have to have filed income taxes this year. Many of these 3 million individuals are disabled and certainly very poor, and this has angered many of the advocates who see this as a slight,” Swatt said.

For those who e-filed or used direct deposits, you will see that money hit your account between this Friday and Oct. 28. 

Those who received stimulus checks but didn’t file electronically will get debit cards in the mail between Oct. 25 and Dec. 10. The rest of the cards should be out by January 15th. 

For more information on who qualifies and how much you can get use this calculator from the Franchise Tax Board.

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Middle Class Tax Refund headed to Californians

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