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Finding your dream job as a recent college graduate | Dollars and Sense

An author and CEO of College Magazine is helping guide recent college graduates to their dream jobs.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — For Amanda Nachman, author of #Qualified, her path was not what she expected.

“I was looking for magazine internships,” Nachman said. “I was actually rejected for three magazine internships I thought I had it right in the bag, but later I realized by having an informational interview that applying with my Shakespeare essays was not going to cut it.”

After getting some experience at her college in Maryland, she decided to start College Magazine. It’s where she was able to have more creative control over her content and learned how to find advertisers.

“In my case, I was really passionate about writing, about leading teams, a product that could help students, and that came in the form of College Magazine,” Nachman said. “That was my side hustle.”

Nachman is using her experience to help others to find their passion career through workshops, speeches, and her new book called #Qualified.

She encourages people if you want to get into an industry to reach out to someone in it once a day via email or LinkedIn and start making connections. She says a podcast is a way to reach out to people too.

“I would encourage young professionals who are passionate about a subject and looking into breaking into that field to consider starting a podcast,” Nachman said. “It’s a low barrier to entry. You can just start with your phone and interview people in your field and making your podcast as your excuse.”

Nachman says a way to get into the industry you want is by showing people you’re interested in it.

“It could be something where you’re demonstrating your passion through sharing your research for something,” Nachman said. “Let’s say you’re passionate for wellness and that you like to read about health and wellness and share your knowledge through Instagram.”

She says rejection happens and to not take it personally but learn from it.

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