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BUY IT NOW: $50 Off Smart Touch Electric Infrared Griddle Cooktop + Free Shipping

It doesn't get smarter or more convenient! Imagine being able to skip using your stove this holiday season or increase your cooking surface with an appliance that uses virtually no energy!

Complete with smart sensors, an LED touch control and a guarantee that your food will taste better, say hello to my favorite holiday deal to substantially decrease your cooking time. Oh and it's non stick!

Whether you're grilling indoors this holiday season or desperately searching for more cooking surfaces to properly host guests, a new high-performing electric grill griddle is a safer and better way to cook and grill.

There is no open flame and no burner and it cooked some of the most delicious food I've ever had in my studio. Click the play button to hear from a culinary expert.

Features of the Electric Grill Griddle with LED Touch Control

  • Guaranteed Black Friday pricing!
  • Uses 75 percent less energy than other cooking methods
  • Cooks 50 percent faster than gas and stove top burners
  • Non-stick surface (no need to coat or maintain)
  • Perfect for eggs, pancakes, bacon, chicken, pork, steak, fish, veggies and seamless grilling
  • Safer sizzling: designed with cool touch edges and raised touch controls
  • Griddle and cooktop combo rated top in its class
  • Ideal for student apartments, RV's houses and anyone in need of more cooking space!

BUY IT NOW: $50 Off Smart Touch Electric Infrared Griddle Cooktop + Free Shipping

Was: $129.99

Now: $79.99


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