Today let's make that New Year's resolution a reality and let's do it with expert help on a dime.

Whether you want flatter abs, have a weight loss goal or a dream to reduce back pain, we have you covered.

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I sit like a complete moron. I realized that after experiencing back pain issue at the age of thirty! After seeking advice from a physical therapist, two personal trainers and a chiropractor, I learned I needed to change the way I sit and stretch. A stability ball was recommended to me by everyone I spoke with and today I want to share a deal on the best one.

The 2000 lbs. Stability Ball from B.M.P. includes the following features:

- Designed to improve your core strength
- Improves your balance and agility
- Lifetime Warranty
- Comes with a pump
- Great for exercise or desk chair replacement
- Helps achieve better abs and agility
- Rated up to 2,000 pounds
- Professional Grade
- Includes stretch strap
- Resistance band and stretch strap guide included
- Lowest recorded price

71% Off B.M.P Stretch & Flex Kit + Stability Ball + Lifetime Warranty + Free Shipping
Was: $64.99
Now: $18.99
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