In our continued quest to save you as much cash as humanly possible, today we celebrate holiday deals early.

Why? This is that pivotal point for retailers where they leak price drops early to determine what they need to stock for the holidays and calculate warehouse space.

That can spell huge savings if you play your cards correctly and below, you will find a list of one active scooter deal that just dropped and other huge days to mark on your calendar.

Scooters are on one of the hottest holiday gifts since many families have given up on hoverboards. The top ones we've tested just hit market, folds down for travel, has awesome breaking features, comes pre-assembled and with free delivery.

Available Today:

$50 Off New Adjustable Scooter (220 Pound Weight Capacity)
Was: $129 (with delivery)
Now: $78.99 (with free delivery)
**Our full scooter test is available right here


$56 Off Fitness Trackers And Smart Watches
**Deal drop guaranteed by October 3 if you're on this deal list

Upcoming: Special 56% off deal tied to iPads
**Deal drop guaranteed by October 18 if you're on this deal list

80% Off Top Rated Drones
**Deal Drop guaranteed October 28 if you're on this deal list.

$15 Top Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers
**Deal Guaranteed early November right here.

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