CLEVELAND, OH — If you have a doorbell at your home or office that hasn't evolved since 1970, today one upgrade is the absolute best tech deal in the country.

It used to be that to have a doorbell installed, you needed to buy a doorbell and multiple buttons at a hardware store, hire an electrician and fish the wiring through the walls to connect the system.

Not only was this inconvenient, it was also expensive, costing at least $300. Over the years, there have been different versions of wireless doorbells designed to be convenient and plug-and-play. The problem was, they were usually expensive and many were not waterproof or dustproof and often failed. That all changes today.

The GoodPro top-rated wireless doorbell brings the following features to any home or small business right out of the box. It comes with two receivers so you can hear who's at your door from anywhere in your home. Click the play button to see it in action.

- Zero wiring

- Zero interferences; other devices and technology will not interfere with doorbell signal

- 36 chimes and adjustable volume

- Waterproof and weather proof

- Plug-and-play operation

- Ideal for apartments, condos, large homes, dorms and the elderly

- Heat resistant

- Mounts with included adhesive or included screw bracket

- Tested better than any other doorbell in similar price ranges

- Upgraded receiver delivers top notch sound

$17 Off GoodPro Waterproof Wireless Doorbell with TWO Receivers + Free Shipping

Was: $50.00

Now: $32.99

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