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EDD mystery: Sacramento woman receives unemployment letters and payments addressed to other people

People on social media say they’re getting letters from EDD sent to their home but the mail is addressed to other people. EDD says it's investigating.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — “Something is wrong here and these people are waiting for their money or waiting for a reply. And I know what it feels like, so, that’s why I reached out. Because, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a hold of anyone from EDD in a timely manner,” said Staci Endicott.

There's something of a mystery arriving in the mail of Staci Endicott's Sacramento home. She says she’s received over ten letters from California's Employment Development Depart (EDD), all addressed to people who don’t live in her home.

“They were to different people, but it all came to my address,” Endicott said. “My address was on the envelope and they all came from different processing centers too. On the outside where it says processing center is, some of it looked like it could’ve been their acceptance or denial letters. A couple of them were payment. And one envelope had, you can feel, like, it was their card where they can go and get their payment."

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ABC10 reached out to EDD and questioned whether this could be a mistake by EDD and if they’ve received similar complaints.

EDD sent back this statement, “The EDD is dedicated to investigating suspicious activity and we work with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners in order to protect the unemployment insurance program for California’s workers in need.”

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EDD also recommended Endicott reach out to its fraud department.

“On the envelope it says time-sensitive, so if they don’t respond in a timely manner they get denied, or they’re not gonna get their money, or it holds up their payment. That’s why I kind of reached out to you guys,” Endicott said.

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