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Looking to make a career change? Tips before your big step

A hiring manager and author along with the president and CEO of the Greater Sacramento Economic Council show us how to change careers.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Making a career change can be difficult at any time, it is even more challenging now during times of high unemployment and uncertainty with the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re looking to make a career change, ABC10 spoke with two experts for advice on how to change careers and set yourself up for years down the road.

“I think, right now, getting digital certifications are critical,” Barry Broome, president and CEO of the Greater Sacramento Economic Council said.  “If you do not have a digital certification, meaning if you do not know how to operate Salesforce. If you’re not comfortable operating Microsoft or Google products. Even if you’re gonna sell for a company, you may be selling through a Zoom pitch.”

Check with your community college system to find online classes. You can also find free online educational opportunities on digital skills all over the web. MIT’s Sloan School of Management has a great channel on Youtube.

“We think it’s almost the literacy of work,” Broome said. “How digitally skilled are you? That’s like almost going back 60 years ago if they can read or write.”

Broome pointed to life science, financial technology, banking, and healthcare as just a few examples of sectors that are hiring and likely will continue thriving down the road.

Marco Greenberg, a hiring manager and author of a new career book, 'PRIMITIVE: Tapping the Primal Drive That Powers the World’s Most Successful People,' said we have to want to make the change and be open-minded.

“Don’t get stuck in your silo. See more broadly. Take off the blinders and say here’s how my background in finance, here’s how my background in legal, here’s how my background in marketing, here’s how my background in IT can be applied in other areas,” Greenberg said.

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Greenberg also reminds people to take initiative and take a look at companies you want to work for and see if you have any connections or even things you have in common with the hiring manager.

When it comes down to that interview, possibly on Zoom, don’t forget to make eye contact and dress as if you’re meeting them in person.

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