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Why are some big changes coming to job listings?

More employers are now including salary ranges when posting jobs.

HOUSTON — Why are some big changes coming to job listings?

It’s an employee market out there right now. Over a dozen states have hit record low unemployment rates which means many employers are scrambling to fill positions.

For years workers have complained about salary range numbers not being included in job listings.

Now businesses are listening and an increasing number are including pay information when they advertise an opening. According to Axios, the number of LinkedIn job openings including salary data is up 44 percent since last year, with that info now included in 25 to 30 percent of U.S. listings.

Earlier this month, Microsoft quietly made the move becoming one of the biggest and most influential U.S. employers to share salary ranges. Experts predict other tech companies will follow suit.

And while workers are applauding the change, it also helps employers. That’s because it reduces the number of applicants with wildly different expectations.

States are also getting in on this.

A proposed bill in California would require employers with 15 or more workers to include pay range in job listings. The New York State legislature recently passed a similar bill. Washington state’s law with similar requirements goes into effect next year.

Experts predict this trend will continue as long as the labor market remains tight.

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