In my continued quest to save you as much time and money as humanly possible, today I help you cut the cord. The average cable and satellite bill in our region is north of that $100 mark.

With many of us over-paying for tons of TV channels we don't want to get the several we need, a more cost-effective solution has arrived, where you can still watch our programming!

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You may be surprised to see how many HD channels you can get for free thanks to a new product I just finished testing called "Magic Stick TV." If you are not someone who could benefit from Over The Air signals, this product may not be for you but performed well in our tests.

The Magic Stick uses the same "fractal" technology that your smartphone uses to pull and trap TV signals, giving you less signal disturbance than a typical antenna.

The Magic Stick promises up to 100 HD Channels for free.

How many channels did we really get? Click here to learn more.

Perfect for a homes, boats, RV's and camping, the magic stick has an up to 60 mile range and works indoor or outdoor with a weatherproof design.

How do you install The Magic Stick? Click here to learn more.

$15 Off TWO Magic Stick TV Receivers + TWO 20 Ft Coax Cables + Free Shipping
Was: $49.99
Now: $34.99
**Note the cheaper versions on Amazon do not include 20 feet of coax cable and are older versions of this product that did not perform as well as the one we tested. If you would not do well with an antenna, the Magic Stick may not be for you.

I explain how to enjoy 100% legal free movies on your smartphone / tablet with no equipment: CLICK HERE.

No companies pay us to feature their products. The only purpose of this series is to save you money!