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Parents may be able to collect unemployment benefits if they have to home-school and can't work

Parents might be eligible for unemployment benefits in California if they missed work, quit their job, or had to cut hours to take care of their children.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Parents throughout California are dealing with new challenges this year, as many schools start with distance learning because of the coronavirus pandemic.

As a mom, I understand how hard it is to juggle the challenges of homeschooling and trying to adapt to a changing work/home environment.

But what if you have to stay home to teach your kids, your daycare is shut down or you don't have the resources you need? According to California's Employment Development Department [EDD], you might be eligible for unemployment benefits.

The EDD states "you may be eligible for unemployment benefits if you have to stay home to care for your child and you:

  • Have to miss work.
  • Have to quit your job.
  • Are unemployed and can’t start a job."

You may also be eligible for partial unemployment benefits if your employer is allowing you to work fewer hours because of childcare reasons.

If you think you may be eligible for the benefits, the first thing you need to do is file a claim through UI Online with EDD.

After completing that, you'll want to prepare for a phone interview from EDD. They are required by law to determine you have "good cause" to quit your job.

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