(ABC NEWS) -- At 89 years old, Agnes Varda is the oldest Oscar nominee ever.

But her record-setting achievement is not what defines the French film director. Throughout her illustrious career, which spans over 60 years and includes more than 50 projects, she always strives to make a unique film.

"I went from one film to another, just trying to be an artist and I never saw my work as a career," she told ABC News. "So, I don't feel the pressure of the competition [at the Oscars] at all."

Friendship at first sight

This year, her film is nominated for best documentary feature at the Oscars. "Faces Places" is a video diary of a trip around rural France, creating video profiles of the people she met along the way. This film also marks one of the first times in her career that she worked with another French photographer and artist, JR.

For Varda, she says, being nominated with JR "is already an award" and that the duo "really did the film together."

"I knew his work, he knew my work," she said about JR. "The day we met, it really was friendship at first sight. We really decided right away, we should work together. We did everything together with the same approach."

As for the purpose of the film, she said it's to shine a light on everyday people.

"You meet people," she said. "Through us, you discovered people you had not met before. We tried to make the world more friendly. There is also a need [in the world] for peace, sharing or making connections."

A family affair

The most important thing to her about this big weekend leading up to the Oscars, which will air Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC, is being together.

JR and Varda's daughter Rosalie, who was also a producer on the film, will be joining the French legend in Hollywood.

"We will be together and no matter what happens, we have an appointment to have a beautiful Mexican dinner the day after," she said. "The French consulate wants to also do a little brunch for us the day after, then Monday night, we have a huge Mexican meal."

She continued, "We've been together hand in hand with JR, making fun of my age, but enjoying it together."

It's all about having fun

Varda is definitely aware of the fuss people have made about her being the oldest nominee.

"The best that could happen to an old lady is make fun of and enjoy being old," she added. "You can make fun of it with tenderness, you can do that."

She was also pleased with how much the fellow nominees enjoyed JR's idea to send a cardboard cutout to the Oscars luncheon in her place when she couldn't attend in person on Feb. 5.

"Did you see, there is a little video where he sends me through customs at the airport," she said, laughing about the cardboard cutout. "I was totally flat where the luggage goes."

"Even if you do a serious documentary, dealing with society, we have no reason to be heavy," she said about enjoying life and the creative process. "We can make jokes because it doesn't change the work."

The future of women behind the camera

For Varda, women directing, producing and writing has been something she's always preached.

She said that she's delighted to see all the women that have banded together, especially lately, to speak out on important issues and create positive change.

"Since I started to make films, more than 60 years ago, I said to the women, 'Go. Do.' There is [so] much work in cinema that can be made by women," she said. "So, it's nice for me to see that's becoming true. More women-directed films, they are gifted and gaining room, there's room for women!"