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PARADISE, Calif. -- When Officer Michael Crowe from Bakersfield found out fellow officers from Paradise were sharing uniforms because they had lost everything in the Camp Fire, he decided to help.

Crowe called Galls, the company that supplies first responders, and told them about the situation in Paradise.

"Some of those officers were working 16 to 20 hours straight, helping other people and making sure everyone was evacuated safely. But at the same time, their houses were being burned down and they had nothing," Crowe said.

Crowe says the company agreed to donate up to $15,000 in uniforms to more than 100 first responders in nine different agencies.

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"We are able to donate boots, pants, socks, and shirts for them," Crowe said.

There is a strong brotherhood within the police community. And Crowe told ABC10 he felt the need to help his fellow officers, because he was once helped by first responders.

Six years ago, a day before he started his new job as a police officer, Crowe was hit a distracted driver while on his motorcycle. His right leg had to be amputated. He is now one of a few dozen amputee officers in the nation.

"I just feel like I am one person who was able to use whatever resources I have to help them and give back," he said.

The donated uniforms will arrive in about two weeks.

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