SACRAMENTO, Calif. — After three days of recovery efforts, private dive team crews pulled a tow truck from the Sacramento River along with the body of one of the passengers.

CHP officials say they believe the body is that of Roselyn Sharma, but they are awaiting confirmation from the Sacramento Coroner's Office, according to Officer Michael Bradley.

Roselyn, along with her husband, Shalvinesh, went missing March 26 after their to truck crashed off of Highway 50 and into the Sacramento River.

Shalvinesh's body was pulled from the river April 11, not far from where the tow truck was recovered.

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"I'm happy that at least we got some type of closure, but it's still sad," said Justin Sharma, son of Shalvinesh and Roselyn. 

Donald Singh, Roselyn's brother, said the family can now lay their bodies to rest. He said they plan to do a joint service for the couple.

"We want to make sure we do all the prayers for their souls," he said.

Bradley said CHP will now take custody of the tow truck to inspect it for evidence.

"We will make a determination, hopefully, with some physical evidence on the tow truck and make confirmation with the other vehicle," Bradley said. "Hopefully it will help us piece together the collision and possibly come to some conclusions about how the accident happened."


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