PARADISE, Calif — The story of Heather Roebuck's harrowing escape during the Camp Fire right after giving birth to her baby girl Halley captured so many hearts.

Now, Focus Features is producing a true-life survival story surrounding what Roebuck went through, the film production company announced this week.

ABC10 covered Roebuck's story in 2018 as part of our extensive coverage of the fire. She had just had a C-section and was separated from her husband and baby, so that she could evacuate.

"Sheer terror," Roebuck said about the moments notice she was given to evacuate Feather River Hospital as the Camp Fire rapidly approached. "I'm in the middle of surgery. Do we go? Us? They just stitched me up really quick."

Roebuck told ABC10 in 2018 that she was put in an ambulance with strangers in order to escape the town that was burning all around her. The ambulance caught fire on the way down. Roebuck said she thought her life was over.

So she called her husband, expecting that it might be the last time she spoke to him.

"I realized that I'm not going to make it, and I just told him on the phone I was really sorry and that I just loved him and I wasn't going to be there with our kids," she said. 

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A pediatrician came to the rescue and all the nurses and patients, including Roebuck, took shelter in a random garage.

The nurses and first responders fought the fire and kept the hoses going and cared for Roebuck and the patients until they were able to safely evacuate to a hospital to be cared for.

Months later, Roebuck, her family and the people who rescued her were recognized at the Butte County EMS awards in June.

Now Roebuck's remarkable story will live on on the big screen.

The director, Matthew Heineman, an Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, posted to his Facebook page: Heather's journey of inner strength in the face of unparalleled and unexpected adversity is one of the most exciting and visceral stories I've ever encountered.

Focus Features has not announced a release date for the film. You can learn more here.

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