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Can you find baby name inspiration in a cemetery?

"It's not weird at all. It's beautiful here. Just look at where we are — it's absolutely stunning," said local mom Kellie Guerriero.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — How do you pick your baby's name?

NameBerry's list of the most popular names for 2019 shows that a lot of older names, like Posie and Atticus, are making a comeback. So how do you find a bunch of names in a short amount of time without going to the list?

A local mom said she took a trip to a nearby cemetery to find inspiration. 

"It's not weird at all. It's beautiful here. Just look at where we are — it's absolutely stunning," said Kellie Guerriero. She's an expecting mother who made the mistake of sharing her baby girl name options to people, and they let her know how they felt about it — whether she liked it or not.

Now she's back at the drawing board. 

"I've been looking at old Victorian era names because they just kind of sing to me," Guerriero said, adding that she's looking for "something really pretty that can be cute when she's a kid and powerful as an adult."

Tony Ylep with the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery said he's never seen anything like a mom looking for inspiration in a cemetery. 

"This is my first time hearing about that in five years of being here, but it's good! It's good!" he said. "It's not for me, but it's good. I'm glad the public is using it."

Kelli said she'll know the right name when she lays eyes on her daughter — but she's definitely got the creative juices flowing. 

"I just want to meet her and make sure I'm not going to regret what I name her," she said. 

If you're wondering where in the world we get this story idea, it's pretty simple. ABC10's Morning Blend Meteorologist Rob Carlmark is expecting his third child and while brainstorming names, came up with this pretty creative idea. Would you try it? Let us know on Rob or Keristen's Facebook page.  


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