PARADISE, Calif. — On Saturday, hundreds of Comcast employees and their families helped clean, plant trees, and paint Paradise High School as part of Comcast Cares Day. 

Wednesday marks six months since the devastating Camp Fire wiped out the town of Paradise, but as anyone from the town will tell you - the fire didn't take their spirit. 

"We're committed to this community and we're going to rebuild," said Sean Newsom, a Paradise High School senior.

Newsom was one of dozens of Paradise High School students and community members who joined volunteers on beautifying the campus ahead of graduation day next month.

Since the fire, students have attended classes in Chico, but thanks to volunteers, they will return to their campus on June 6 for graduation.

"It's super important for our kids to graduate out in the field," said Loren Lightall, the Paradise High School principal. "They ask me every day if they're going to be able to. So, to be able to get it ready and have them come back to something that's different to what they ran from is really important."

Sean Newsom's parents moved to Lafayette after the Camp Fire, but the 18-year-old decided to stay because he wanted to graduate with his friends. 

"I've been looking forward to that for the last four years," he said. "I wasn't about to let a fire stop me from that."

Newsom called the last six months a "blessing in disguise."

"It's kind of set me in a different direction," he said. "Before, I wasn't really motivated to continue school. But now I'm really motivated to keep going in life and just make a name for myself." 

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