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East Texans band together to help Hurricane Ida evacuees

“Churches destroyed, homes destroyed, schools completely destroyed - you know, it's gonna be a rebuilding process,” said one Louisiana resident.

TEXAS, USA — Hurricane Ida has left Louisiana’s coast but the damage is far from gone. Many evacuees are still seeking shelter in East Texas.

One of them is Houma, Louisiana resident Ty'Rell Williams. 

“They told us that we had to get out of there immediately," Ty'Rell said.

Ty'Rell evacuated one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Ida. He’s been staying at Holiday Inn Express in Tyler with his uncle, Keith Williams.

“We didn't expect it to be like this. We only brought clothes for two or three days,” Keith said.

Ty'Rell added, “We didn't know what to do. We were scared but we kept our faith in God and he led us to come here.”

For all other refugees led to Tyler who couldn’t get a hotel, the Salvation Army remains a viable option. 

Director of Development Cindy Bell said they’re ready.

“This is our overflow, if you will, it's for emergencies. You can stay, you know, just a matter of days," Bell said, motioning to the empty room behind her.

The shelter also provides free meals, clothing and other household necessities.

For those still in Louisiana who couldn’t get away, Patrick Johnson with J-Star Ministries said, he’s going to them himself.

“We're going to drop off supplies and minister to people down there that were affected by Hurricane Ida," he said.

Johnson plans on going to Louisiana at least twice. Keith said they’ll need it.

“Churches destroyed, homes destroyed, schools completely destroyed. You know, so it's gonna be a rebuilding process,” he said. 

The disaster aid that Governor Abbott set aside to help with storm recovery is still available. Texans should click here for more information.