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Antioch math teacher goes viral after rap video

Jordan Orosco's plan is to complete an entire album, but for now, it's the song math raps that's taken off and gone viral, both on TikTok and YouTube.

ANTIOCH, Calif — Jordan Orosco is a beloved math teacher in his fourth year of teaching at Deer Valley High School in Antioch. 

Keeping things loose and fun with his students, spurred one to challenge him to a rap-off. He accepted, and "Math Raps," was born. He began rhyming his lessons.  

"Can you find the roots of a quadratic? Listen to me, it'll be automatic..." Orosco raps.

His plan is to complete an entire album for downloading and streaming, but for now, it's the math raps that's taken off and gone viral, both on TikTok and YouTube.  

"It's funny, it started as a joke, mostly bad dad jokes. Then I began rhyming them and then my students got involved in the process,  I guess history was made,"   Orosco said. 

His student's involvement was part tribute, part mocking in that they decided to help him make a music video.

Corey Hawkins is one of his students and also class president.

"Whatever it is, it's working, I mean look at him, he's got news coverage here!  Like he said it all started with jokes.....corny jokes!" Hawkins said.

Laughter seems to be the key, his students on this day were all laughing, at and with him.   

It's obvious they like him, but students like Lecia also respect him. 

"It's crazy, I'm in my second year of lyric classes and can't write like him and until now he's never even thought of writing music," Leticia said. "Now I'm watching HIS youtube channel to learn from him. He's a great teacher, obviously — he's teaching us way more than math!"

Orosco said math doesn't always have to be so serious.

"I think it's important to be silly. I tell that to all new teachers. These kids have long days, and the pandemic made things even more difficult. I'm throwing a tremendous amount of information at them,  I try to not take myself or the class so seriously. If they're having fun, they'll be more engaged.  If they're more engaged, they'll learn more, retain more," Orosco said. 

When asked if a fork in the road were to come where he had to choose lyrics and music, or teaching and math.

"That's tough....do you have Lin Manuel Miranda's number?" Orosco said.

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