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Helping a special cat swim to recovery

The Placer SPCA is using hydrotherapy for a cat recovering from a complex surgery.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — The people who make Northern California Strong are those who inspire us and make our communities a great place to live. ABC10 wants to highlight their strength by recognizing what they do. This week we want to introduce you to Timber and the staff at the Placer SPCA.

Timber is the two-year-old female cat who is about to do something most cats don’t like to do. Go swimming. 

No, it’s not bath time for Timber, this is actually part of her post-surgery physical therapy. Leilani Fratis and SPCA volunteers have been using a newly donated hydrotherapy treadmill to help Timber gain muscle.

“Exactly, the buoyancy is there to help her support her joints,” Tami Schmitz said.

When Timber was surrendered by her previous owner, veterinarians discovered she had an abnormality in her knees that caused her kneecaps to pop out of place every time she walked. 

“What that translates to is a pretty expensive surgery. So, we were concerned,” Fratis said.

Luckily for Timber, the Placer SPCA has a “Guardian Angel Fund” that helps support special surgeries like the one Timber needed. During a nine-week-long recovery process, Timber worked hard to be ready for her new home. She persevered through one to two weekly hydrotherapy sessions in the water treadmill. Thanks to care takers at the Placer SPCA, Timber is nearly done with her therapy and the next step will be to adopt her out to a loving family. 

“It is so rewarding to get to help these animals who maybe would not otherwise get this kind of care,” veterinarian technician Chelsey Mulady said.

If you are interested in adopting Timber or any of the other animals at the Placer SPCA check out their website to see full bio’s on every available pet.

If you want to nominate a strong Northern Californian send a text (916) 321-3310 and put NorCal Strong in the text. Feel free to send pictures and or web links in the submission. 

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