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23rd annual Transgender Day of Remembrance observed in Sacramento

People gathered at Midtown Sacramento remember those who were taken away in the deadliest year in the United States for transgender and gender non-conforming people.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — 2021 became the deadliest year on record for transgender people in the United States with at least 47 transgender or gender non-conforming people killed, according to the human rights campaign. 

Members of the transgender community, friends and allies gathered at Midtown Sacramento remember those who were taken away for the 23rd annual International Day of Remembrance. 

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral held a presentation that showed a few faces of those that organizers say lost their lives who were from Sacramento because of their gender identity or expression. 

Inside, dozens came together to share songs, experiences and grief for the International Day of Remembrance. Names of those who were killed this year were read by members of the community with a candle for each one. 

Dr. Jennie Lorena Thomas, a counselor, said during the event that even though there are people who don't them around because of ignorance, the LGBT community is precious.

"Don't let anyone tell us we don't have the right to be here," Thomas said.  

However, there were also moments of light of a celebration of people's differences and solidity. Tim Garcia said the world could learn something from transgender and gender non-conforming people.

"Do you all know how you are not only transforming yourselves, but this community, this city, this nation and this world," Garcia said. "Imagine how much better our world be if it could take a lesson from the transgender community in radical self-acceptance and the radical acceptance of others. 

The Human Rights Campaign points out that although 47 people killed in 2021 are alarming, it is likely an undercount because crimes against the LGBT community often go unreported.  

The first memorial held for someone transgendered was held in 1991 for Rita Hester, who was killed the previous year. Since then, annual memorials have been observed around the world near 2004. 

People of all traditions are welcome to this inclusive community memorial. 

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