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Commanding Officer of The Salvation Army in Tyler deployed to help with hurricane relief

Capt. Jeremy Walker headed to Louisiana following Hurricane Ida.

TYLER, Texas — East Texans are heading to Louisiana to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

The Commanding Officer of The Salvation Army in Tyler, Captain Jeremy Walker has been deployed to serve. He's joined with volunteers from all over Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. This deployment was something Captain Walker was expecting:

"We've been tracking the storm," Capt. Walker said. "The folks in Dallas at the headquarters have been tracking the storm, and they kind of put me on standby earlier in the week. We were hoping and praying that the storm dissipated, but it came on. So here we go." 

Capt. Walker says he's nervous, yes, but excited to serve.

"I'm just ready to serve in any way," Capt. Walker said. "That's what The [Salvation] Army does. We go and we serve, when there's a need." 

Capt. Walker also has great faith in the disaster team. 

"It always amazes me and surprises me," Capt. Walker said. "Every time there's a need, the call goes out and how many people from around our great state, and how many people come from East Texas, that go out and serve those in need."

Capt. Walker concluded with the importance of helping your neighbors in their time of need.

"We all can be affected by this. It can happen in our backyard," Capt. Walker said. "We pray that it doesn't. If we can't go help our neighbors then we're not doing what we should be doing."

The Salvation Army is seeking volunteers and donations to help with their disaster relief.