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'His eyes opened wide and he said 'You look good'' | Amazon driver accused of attacking Turlock woman

The suspect was booked on felony charges of attempted rape, burglary and vandalism.

TURLOCK, Calif. — A Turlock woman is still on edge after she said an Amazon delivery driver tried to attack her in her own home. 

The homeowner, who identified herself as Maria and did not want to be shown on camera, told ABC10 she was terrified when it happened. She said her husband answered the door after there was a knock on it Friday morning around noon. 

"The employee was trying to sell a box that he had to deliver in Atwater, but he was trying to sell it to my husband and my husband since he's Mexican - he doesn't speak English - he was all like 'Hey, deal with this guy because I don't know what he's saying,'" she said. 

Maria walked over to the door as her husband walked away, but that's when she said the delivery driver entered her home and things took a violent turn.

"His face like changed. His eyes opened wide, and he said 'You look good' and then he was trying to attack me," Maria said.

She said she pushed the driver away after he tried to touch her. 

"I pushed him and then my husband came and he struggled with him to push him out the door," Maria said.

The suspect was identified by Turlock Police Department as Ryan Lee Crisp, 22 of Modesto. Maria said Crisp then jumped the fence leading to the backyard and tried to get into her home by breaking her daughter's bedroom window.

"I was in the bathroom locked with the (911) operator, and then my husband had a friend out here so he called his friend for help, so the friend came and they restrained him until the cops came," Maria said.

Crisp was detained by Turlock police and taken to the Stanislaus County Jail where he was booked on felony charges of attempted rape, burglary and vandalism. Turlock police said Crisp is employed by Soon Express, a third party company that is partnered with Amazon.

Despite the arrest, the trauma still lingers for Maria as she continues to fear for her own safety.

"I'm trying to tell everyone that I know not to open the door for none of them because you don't know what they're gonna do," Maria said.

Amazon provided the following statement to ABC10 about the incident.

"We’re deeply concerned about what we’ve learned. This does not reflect the standards we have for delivery drivers. As this is an ongoing investigation, we must refer all questions to the Turlock Police Department,” a spokesperson said. 

Maria is now planning to increase security at her home.

"I told my husband we got to put cameras. We're gonna put bars on the windows," Maria said. 

Turlock Police Department believes this was an isolated incident, and authorities are working to confirm that to be the case.

Anyone with information regarding the incident can call Turlock Police Department.


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