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Biological mother wanted in connection of 2 missing Sacramento children

Authorities still searching for two Sacramento children who went missing on Aug. 24, 2021.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — It's been nearly a month since 12-year-old Aaron Safrans and eight-year-old Cheriyah Dizon went missing and authorities believe their biological mother is to blame. 

Arminda Yadao, the adopted mother of the two, alerted authorities after the two went missing in late August. Yadao says Cheriyah was allegedly seen talking to her biological mother, 34-year-old Reychel Dizon, in front of their apartment complex before she and her brother went missing. 

“We found out later that the mom had posted something on the internet with the kids in the background,” Yadao said.

This isn't the first time Dizon is believed to have taken her biological children. The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office said Dizon took the children from their elementary school near Elk Grove in August 2019. Dizon lost custody of her children, and deputies say she is homeless. 

“We started looking and looking and looking and I thought should I call 911? But I thought you have to wait 24 hours,” Yadao said. “We are afraid that depending on the history of the mom, we don't know if they are sleeping in tents or if they are in a car.”

This case is currently being investigated by the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office of Child Abductions. ABC10 reached out to get an update on the search. In a statement, Chief Deputy District Attorney Rod Norgaard said, "because it's an active investigation, we can provide no details at this point."


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