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Body camera taken from Sacramento State officer during melee with bicyclists, police say

Police said the body camera has not been recovered.
Credit: Tegna

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Sacramento State Police Department said an officer's body-worn camera was taken during a melee with bicyclists Friday night.

Police said there was no one significantly injured in the melee, but Chief Mark Iwasa said the officer's body camera was taken and has not been recovered.

According to Chief Iwasa, a large group of bicyclists tore down a sign near Guy West Plaza and used it to do stunts on the stairs.

Authorities said an officer advised the bicyclists to leave before the crowd surrounded the officer and one rider rammed him with a bike.

Chief Iwasa said the officer tried to apprehend the rider and about 10 to 12 people surrounded him. As more officers arrived, they saw the crowd trying to force the suspect away from the officer; one of the people attacking the officer was tased and arrested.

A minor and an adult were booked into Juvenile Hall and the Main Jail, respectively.


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