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Report: California Department of Finance targeted in cyberattack

The Office of Emergency Services says no state funds were compromised, and they can’t comment on specifics of the investigation.

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. — The California Cybersecurity Integration Center is now responding to a cybersecurity threat against the California Department of Finance.

According to a statement from the Office of Emergency Services, the intrusion was found by coordinating with state and federal security partners. They’re assessing the extent of the intrusion and trying to mitigate future system vulnerabilities.

The statement says no state funds were compromised and they can’t comment on specifics of the investigation.

The announcement from the office comes hours after Darkfeed, a Twitter account dedicated to tracking ransomware, reported that California’s Department of Finance was one of the latest victims of LockBit ransomware group, according to Cybernews.

An alleged ransom note claims data will be leaked if the group’s demands aren’t met by Christmas Eve. Their demands were not listed in the note.

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