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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A Carmichael Little League is figuring out its next steps after more than $50,000 was stolen from its bank account.

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, Jennifer Haymart allegedly embezzled more than $52,000 from the league's bank account between July 2017 and November 2017. Haymart was the treasurer for the league during that time span.

Haymart, a former elementary school treasurer, also allegedly stole more than $85,000 from the Deterding Parent Teacher Organization, according to sheriff's officials.

"It's been really difficult, because, as the season is starting, we have a lot of maintenance that we have to do," said Bruce Steubing, Carmichael Little League board member and father. "We have a snack bar in disrepair, and it's put a lot of stress on us to try to figure out solutions that the money we thought we had is not there for that."

The money stolen was the league's entire budget for the year.

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"We started a GoFundMe site to try to get the community to support us," Steubing said. "We've had to raise our rates by $20 for each player. We're trying to reach out to the community and our sponsors to try to help us and we're gonna be doing some fundraising as well."

Only a few of the parents on the board knew about the embezzlement and they weren't able to publicly say anything since it could jeopardize the investigation.

"It was very much hidden," said board member Trisha Cumbra. "We knew by talking with the district attorney that we needed to keep it on wraps so they could a build a solid case so we kept it on wraps and the board put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to make things happen."

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